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Accessibility features

This site has been designed to meet the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and New Zealand Government Web Standards. As part of this process we have provided the following keyboard shortcuts to the main sections of the site (for those not using a mouse).

This website has been designed to work best in modern browsers (version 5 and above for Internet Explorer and Netscape ) which support HTML and CSS standards. People using earlier browsers will still be able to see all the content but it will only be formatted as plain html. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the information on this website.

Access Keys

This site has a number of access keys that enable you to navigate to the most commonly used pages without using a mouse. You can use the access keys from anywhere in the site.

To use the keys hold down the ALT key (PC) or CONTROL key (Apple Mac) and then the key you want to use. In some browsers you might have to press ENTER to confirm your choice.

0 - list of access keys

1 - home

2 - site map

3 - search

4 - about this site

9 - contact us

[ - beginning of current page's content

/ - go to

Help with reading or downloading documents

To view most of the downloadable documents and publications in this website, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this free software installed on your computer, please click on the Adobe link below to download it.

Download the latest version of Adobe reader

Help with downloading:

There are two options for downloading.

  1. Open in your browser

    By "left-clicking" on the link, the document will open directly into your browser or Word programme. However, if the document is large (as some of them are) it may take several minutes to download the document, and whilst it is downloading it may appear that nothing is happening. You could continue to wait, or try option two.
  2. Save the document to your hard drive

    By "right-clicking" on the link and then clicking on "save target as", you will have the option to save the document to your hard drive. The benefits of this are that you can see how long it will take and observe it's progress, and the document will be readily available for the future. This process is completely safe as we ensure that our documents are virus free.

    Some of the documents will take several minutes to download, depending on the size of the document and the speed of your Internet connection. File sizes are noted beside each publication.