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Report a maritime accident or incident

How do I report a maritime event?

Reporting a maritime event to Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) is an easy two-step process.

(1) First you need to report your event verbally as soon as possible.

Verbal reports can be made by:

phoning MNZ’s Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ). This service operates around the clock. Free phone 0508 222 433


contacting MNZ’s Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) on VHF Channel 16. This service also operates around the clock. Information will be transferred to RCCNZ immediately after it is received.


(2) Fill out an online event form as soon as you can.

Follow the easy to use, step by step form and submit. This will automatically send your information to MNZ.

If you do not wish to fill out an online notification, you can print the appropriate PDF form below and post or fax the form:


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