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Information about the requirements for commercial shipping operations–including safe ship management, ship registration, port security, and licensing for those on board.

Shipping safety

The Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS)

Safety management systems

Seafarer certification

Ship registration


Ports and harbours

Accidents and investigations

Commercial rules

Consultation and projects


Shipping safety

Find out about the safety requirements and aids for commercial shipping in New Zealand waters.

Shipping safety for commercial operations

Safety equipment for lifesaving and fire fighting

Maritime Labour Convention

Safety updates eg safety bulletins and guidance notices

Navigation and weather warnings

Aids to navigation

Maritime radio service

Health and safety onboard

Code of safe working practices for merchant seafarers

Fatigue management

Maritime security in New Zealand

Inspection of foreign ships

Carriage of dangerous goods at sea

The Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS)

Find out about MOSS –  a new system to improve safety in maritime transport operations.

Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS)

MOSS for operators

Developing your operator plan

Applying for a Maritime Transport Operator Certificate (MTOC)

MOSS operator forms, templates and guidelines

MOSS fees

Safety management systems

Learn about New Zealand’s safety management systems for commercial shipping and operators.

Safety management systems

Safe Ship Management (SSM) requirements for commercial operations

Safe ship management certificate search

Safe operational plans

International safety management code

Safety cases for special operations

Applying for an exemption

Seafarer certification

Read about the seafarer certification and how to apply.

Overview of seafarer certification

Approved training providers

Recognition of non-New Zealand certificates

Fees and charges

Ship registration

All you need to know about ship registration.

Benefits of ship registration

Type of ship registration needed

Searching the register of ships

Part A ship registration

Part B ship registration

Registration transactions for parts A and B

Ship registration forms for parts A and B

Ship registration fees for parts A and B

Search for a ship name


Information and resources for surveyors, including information about surveying under MOSS.

Surveyors overview page

Surveyor recognition

Surveying under MOSS

Surveyor performance requirements

Surveyor resources

Ports and harbours

Understand the requirements for both vessels visiting and operations within New Zealand’s ports and harbours.

Requirements for ports and harbours

Code of practice for health and safety in port operations

Port and harbour marine safety code

Security in port operations

Environment requirements for port operations

Accidents and investigations

How to report an accident, incident or serious harm injury

Investigation reports

Case study examples and the lessons learnt

Frequently asked questions about accident reporting

Definitions of accidents, incidents, mishaps and serious harm

Commercial rules

Find out about the rules and how they apply to your operation.

List of all rules

Latest rule updates

View and comment on the rules that are under consultation

The process to develop a new rule

Purchase a printed copy of a rule

Consultation and projects

Get involved with the maritime interests that we are consulting on or that are in development.

Consultation and projects on maritime interests