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Fatigue resources for the maritime industry

Maritime New Zealand has developed a range of fatigue resources to help those working in the maritime industry to better understand the risks from fatigue, and how to prevent fatigue-related accidents by minimising fatigue onboard.

“Get your sleep, reduce your risk” is the message underpinning all of the fatigue management resources we have produced. These resources cover most vessel types in safe ship management (SSM) because they have the most fatigue-related accidents.

You can request printed copies of the following resources from Maritime New Zealand. Please include which resource(s) you want and your address details.
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Resources for a vessel’s crew and skipper

Understanding fatigue

This brochure covers fatigue for seafarers; what it is and how to manage it, including:

  • the importance of sleep
  • what causes fatigue
  • your legal obligations
  • strategies for getting enough sleep.

We recommend that all seafarers have a copy of this brochure, and share it with those they live with.

Understanding fatigue [PDF: 76Kb, 2 pages]

Wheelhouse fatigue checklist

This handy A4 sized checklist covers the signs and symptoms of fatigue, risk factors and how to manage fatigued seafarers.

Wheelhouse fatigue checklist [PDF: 52Kb, 1 page]

Resources for vessel owners, managers and operators

Fatigue management guides

These guides are aimed at owners and operators of specific vessel categories ie charter boats, fishing boats, work boats and harbour ferries.

Each guide contains:

  • an example of a fatigue management plan
  • common causes of fatigue and what to do about them
  • Maritime New Zealand advice
  • legal obligations
  • how to write a fatigue management plan
  • documenting steps for an audit.

Fatigue management for charter boats [PDF: 368Kb, 24 pages]
Fatigue management for fishing boats [PDF: 376Kb, 28 pages]
Fatigue management for work boats [PDF: 364Kb, 24 pages]
Fatigue management for harbour ferries [PDF: 364Kb, 24 pages]

Note: for printed copies of these fatigue management guides, please contact your safe ship management (SSM) company.

Fatigue tools for vessel owners

This resource manual gives guidance on developing a fatigue management plan, strategies for managing fatigue, tools for assessing fatigue, plus managing the risk factors onboard. It provides more detailed information than what is provided in the individual fatigue management guides that are mentioned above.

Fatigue tools for vessel owners [PDF: 330Kb, 40 pages]

Posters on fatigue

The causes of fatigue and how to manage it are described in five posters. We recommend that you print these posters in colour and A3 size.

Fatigue posters [PDF: 180Kb, 5 pages]

Fatigue resource for safe ship management companies and maritime safety inspectors

Fatigue advisor resource

This resource is for those who provide advice and training on fatigue management in the maritime industry. This includes:

  • Maritime New Zealand staff
  • safe ship management companies
  • managerial and rostering staff of major operators
  • specialist industry advisors.

This comprehensive resource provides:

  • essential facts about the causes and consequences of fatigue
  • guidance on specific fatigue management strategies that could be used in a fatigue management plan
  • how to develop and implement a fatigue management plan.

Fatigue advisor resource [PDF: 700Kb, 62 pages]