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Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) engages with the maritime community and general public on a broad range of maritime matters through consultations and projects. You can have your say by providing us with your comments before the deadline.

Each consultation document outlines how to comment.

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About the consultation process

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Current consultations, projects and developments

Coastal Navigation Safety Review

From July 2014, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) will be undertaking a review of coastal navigation safety.

Funding Review – new regulations

Read about the new regulations arising from MNZ’s Funding Review:


Closed consultations

Consultation documents will only be available here for a period of up to 12 months after the comment period has expired.

Review of the New Zealand Marine Oil Spill Response Strategy

MNZ invited comment on its draft updated New Zealand Marine Oil Spill Response Strategy 2014 (the draft Strategy).

Review of Oil Pollution Levy – new regulations

Read about the new regulations arising from MNZ’s Review of the Oil Pollution Levy:

Maritime Labour Convention consultation

The Ministry of Transport consulted on whether or not New Zealand should become a party to the Maritime Labour Convention.

Rule amendments 2014 – Invitation to comment

MNZ invited comment on draft new maritime rules and marine protection rules - Maritime Rules Various Amendments 2014 and Marine Protection Rules Various Amendments 2014.

Marine Protection Rules Part 102: Certificates of Insurance

The Ministry of Transport, in conjunction with Maritime New Zealand, sought feedback on a proposed rule amendment that increases the minimum financial assurance requirement for offshore installations from approximately NZ$26 million to approximately NZ$300 million.

Consultation on Marine Protection Rules Part 102: Certificates of Insurance [Ministry of Transport website]


Proposed survey performance requirements

MNZ invited comments on a number of survey performance requirements that the Director of Maritime New Zealand (Director) is proposing to introduce, in accordance with the provisions of Maritime Rule Part 44.25(3).


Marine Protection Rules Part 131: Invitation to comment

MNZ sought comment on draft new marine protection rules Part 131 - Offshore Installations - Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plans and Oil Pollution Prevention Certification.


Maritime Rule Parts 40 series

MNZ sought comment on 14 proposed amendments to the Maritime Rule Part 40 series.


Proposed fees for MOSS

MNZ invited comment on the proposed fees for activities undertaken by under the new Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS).


Maritime Rule Part 34 - Invitation to comment

MNZ sought feedback on amendments to Maritime Rule Part 34: Medical Standards as part of proposed rule changes to give effect to the Qualifications and Operational Limits Framework approved by MNZ in June 2011.


Oil Pollution Levy review

MNZ sought feedback on proposed new oil pollution levy rates and how the levy is applied.

The deadline for feedback on the proposed the proposed new oil pollution levy rates was 5.00 pm, Friday 8 February 2013.



Seafarer certification (Qualifications and operational limits)

Consultation on the new Maritime Rules relating to seafarer certification and operational limits closed on 29 March 2013. Over 140 submissions were received and analysis is underway to inform the drafting of the final rules. MNZ is on track for the rules to be completed for the Minister of Transport’s consideration later in 2013. Following the Minister’s decision, it is intended that SeaCert will come into force in early 2014.

SeaCert (Seafarer Certification) is MNZ’s new seafarer licensing framework for domestic and international Certificates of Competency and Proficiency. It also sets out where seafarers can operate in local and international waters. Developed with significant input from the maritime industry, SeaCert will replace the current Qualifications and Operational Limits (QOL). The new framework has been developed to New Zealand Qualifications Authority standards.


Funding Review Invitation to comment

Read about MNZ's proposals to change fee and levy rates as a result of the Funding Review.

The deadline for making a submission was Monday 19 November 2012.


Garbage Rules Amendments - Invitation to comment

Read about proposed new rules that will reduce the amount of garbage that can be discharged into the sea and strengthen operational measures required on board ships and offshore.

The deadline for making a submission was Monday 5 November 2012.


Draft Rule Part 82 Invitation to comment

Read about the proposed amendment to Part 82 aimed at strengthening the management of drug and alcohol-related safety risks in the commercial jet boat industry.

The deadline for making a submission was Friday 19 October 2012.


About the consultation process

Consultation with the maritime community and general public is vital to ensure that any proposed changes or developments take into account the real situations of those they will affect.

MNZ consults as widely as possible through public notices, discussion documents, public meetings and seminars, other face-to-face contact, this website, and toll-free phone lines.

In some cases, consultation is required under law. For example, public consultation on proposed rules is provided for in section 446 of the Maritime Transport Act. We draft maritime and marine protection rules and carry out public consultation on draft rules on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

You can have your say by providing us with comments before the deadline, after which they become closed consultations. Each consultation document provides guidance on how to comment and what the deadline is.

More information

If you require further information about a current or closed consultation, please contact the MNZ representative listed in the consultation documents.

Questions and general enquiries about consultation on rules should be directed to:

For general enquiries about our consultation process please contact MNZ.

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