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Marine environmental protection

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) works to ensure that New Zealand’s unique marine environment is protected, by minimising waste and reducing the risk of accidental spills of harmful substances such as oil or chemicals.

MNZ, along with other central and local government agencies and industry are jointly tasked with protecting New Zealand’s marine environment.

All vessels (including recreational boaties), gas and oil installations and ports operating in New Zealand waters, must comply with a range of environmental regulations including rules, conventions and legislation.

Read about the requirements that the vessel, installation and port operators must follow, including recreational boaties

Requirements for vessels, installations and port

Understand the types of spills and pollution that our environment is at risk from as well as what is permitted to be disposed of at sea

Oil and oily waste

Chemicals and their risk to the marine environment

Sewage discharge

Garbage disposal in the marine environment

Marine dumping

Learn about New Zealand’s capability to respond to marine spills and pollution

Responding to spills and pollution

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