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Couple survive crash


SeaChange: a monthly e-newsletter highlighting what's new and changing in the maritime sector.

Issue 27 August 2015

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Maritime New Zealand Annual Report 2013-2014

Maritime New Zealand Satement of Intent 2015–2021

The Maritime New Zealand statements of intent outline the policy direction we are taking as an organisation.

Statement of intent 2015–2021 [PDF: 2.74Mb, 44 pages]

This SPE sets out Maritime NZ’s annual performance information for the 12-month period ending 30 June 2015.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2015–2016 [PDF: 130kb, 56 pages]



Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 47, December 2014

Safe Seas Clean Seas

Safe Seas Clean Seas is a quarterly round-up of recreational, commercial and environmental maritime news and events.

Issue 48, June 2015

Download [PDF: 1.02Mb, 17 pages]

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Lookout! Issue 32, December 2014


Lookout! features the lessons to be learnt from recent maritime accidents or incidents. Build your knowledge of maritime safety by reading how these incidents and accidents could have been avoided.

Issue 33, June 2015

Download [PDF: 3.12Mb, 13 pages]

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