Recreational boating publications and forms

General boating safety



Recreational activity guidelines

Accident reporting

Stickers and safety packs

General boating safety

Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand leaflet [PDF: 493Kb, 10 pages]

Coastal voyage form [PDF: 114Kb, 1 page]

Safe Boating: an essential guide – booklet [PDF: 2.36Mb, 42 pages]

Radio distress calling [PDF: 77Kb, 1 page]

Boat safely: know the rules [PDF: 85Kb, 1 page]

Crossing the bar [PDF: 33Kb, 1 page]


Radio handbook: Your guide to marine communication [PDF: 967Kb, 68 pages]

VHF marine channel allocation - sticker [PDF: 103Kb, 1 page]

Radio distress calling - sticker [PDF: 102Kb, 1 page]

Map of VHF coverage and working channels for New Zealand [PDF: 279Kb, 1 page]

New Zealand’s system of buoys and beacons [PDF: 321Kb, 28 pages]



Safe Seas Clean Seas


Recreational activity guidelines

Waka Ama Safety Rules[PDF: 721Kb, 34 pages]

Kayaking – Paddling to be seen [PDF: 68Kb, 2 pages]

Pleasure Boat Safety Advisory Group Final Report - 1999 [PDF: 3.05Mb, 227 pages]
PBSAG report recommendations - 2008 [PDF: 96.9Kb, 3 pages]

Boating safety strategy

Accident reporting

Accident, incident or serious harm injury reporting forms

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Stickers and safety packs

Cross the bar safely [PDF: 610Kb, 1 page]

Radio distress calling – sticker [PDF: 102Kb, 1 page]

Boat safely: know the rules – sticker [PDF: 85Kb, 1 page]

Free Safe Boating Pack

Resources for schools

Keeping our waters, beaches and coastlines clean [PDF: 407Kb, 2 pages]

Always wear a lifejacket and stay on top [PDF: 1.7Mb, 2 pages]

Being safe in boats [PDF: 842Kb, 3 pages]

It's all about knowing and spreading safety messages [PDF: 1Mb, 2 pages]

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