Recreational boating

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) works to increase the knowledge of recreational boaties through safety awareness programmes and educational campaigns. MNZ staff also work together with our network of around 200 volunteer Safe Boating Advisors to help spread safety messages at a local level.

MNZ also works alongside and with special interest groups such as the National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum, which worked together to produce the Boating Safety Strategy.

Deane Ingram – Regional Compliance Manager Northern

Deane has 20 years of service as a naval officer with the Royal New Zealand Navy. He is also a commercially qualified skipper with experience driving charter vessels. He joined MNZ in March 2013 as Regional Compliance Manager Northern, with resposnisbility for recreational boating.

Alistair Thomson – Maritime Officer

Al Thomson is one of a network of Maritime Officers and is based in MNZ's Parnell office, with primary responsibilty for recreational boating. Al has considerable small boat experience – gained through Coastguard, recreational boating (both sail and power) and commercial experience.

Safe boating advisors

Working alongside the Maritime Officers, a network of over 200 volunteer safe boating advisors aim to educate and raise awareness, as well as generally advise the boating public about safe boating practice and legal requirements.

More information about safe boating advisors

More information about safe boating