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Safe Boating Advisors

A network of volunteer Safe Boating Advisors aim to educate and raise awareness, as well as generally  advise the boating public throughout New Zealand about safe boating practice and legal requirements, on behalf of Maritime New Zealand (MNZ).

Where safe boating advisors provide advice

Safe Boating Advisors provide advice in areas (waterways) under the jurisdiction of MNZ.

In areas managed by regional councils, some have paid staff who are enforcement officers and others who work as honorary enforcement officers. However, some Safe Boating Advisors also have a warrant to act as honorary enforcement officers.

Regional safety information – links to maps and waterway responsibilities

MNZ provides council harbourmasters with a list of Safe Boating Advisors. Safe Boating Advisors are encouraged to develop a relationship with their local harbourmaster to ensure they share an understanding of navigation safety issues in their area.

Safe Boating Advisors also help MNZ with campaigns and events in their area, such as boat shows and fishing competitions.

Becoming a Safe Boating Advisor

To become a Safe Boating Advisor, you must have:

  • a Coastguard Boatmaster Certificate (or equivalent qualification)
  • been involved in boating for at least five years.

MNZ also welcomes applications if you are:

  • involved in Coastguard and hold a Master or Senior Master Certificate of Competency of a Coastguard search and rescue vessel
  • an honorary enforcement officer for a regional authority.

Resources and training for Safe Boating Advisors

MNZ recreational boating team supports Safe Boating Advisors with training and resources to help them carry out their role. This includes the supply of leaflets and stickers to hand out, as well as a short newsletter Stay Ahead.

Stay Ahead

More information about becoming a Safe Boating Advisor

If you’d like more information about becoming an advisor, including the criteria and training offered, contact the MNZ recreational boating team on:

Background to Safe Boating Advisors and launch wardens

MNZ appoints Safe Boating Advisors to advise the boating public about safe practice and legal requirements. The advisors replaced the previous system of launch wardens in 2003.

Safe Boating Advisors provide safety awareness throughout the community. Education is seen as crucial in making sure skippers make the best decisions on the water. Education is provided in courses from Coastguard Boating Education Service and throughout boating clubs affiliated with Yachting New Zealand.

Two reviews of boating safety have provided insight into boating behaviour in New Zealand, and as a result we have been able to adopt a strategy that is based on evidence and that can be targeted to address the real causes of accidents and loss of life.

More information about the review

Pleasure Boat Safety Advisory Group report [PDF: 3.05Mb, 227 pages]

and the

Boating Safety Strategy: 2007 Review of the New Zealand Pleasure Boat Safety Strategy
[PDF: 1.84Mb, 96 pages]

More information about boating education

Coastguard Boating Education Service [Coastguard Boating Education Service]

Yachting New Zealand [Yachting New Zealand]