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Free recreational publications and resources

We produce a range of publications that are available to download or as print copies. You can view, download or order our publications and resources about safety, communications and specific recreational activities below.

To request a free copy of any of the hard copy publications, stickers or items below, please fill out our publication request form.

General safety

Boating safety in New Zealand YouTube Channel – view our YouTube channel set up for recreational boaties. There are clips covering all aspects of boating safety including preparation and planning, handling emergencies, rules and regulations, safe operation and seamanship – plus local information.

Free Safe Boating Pack – contains Safer Boating: an essential guide (see below), boating safety sticker(s), a cellphone bag, and other safe boating info.

Safer Boating: an essential guide – booklet [PDF: 1.8Mb, 45 pages]
Information about boating and staying safe on the water – seas, rivers or lakes.

Boat safely: know the rules – sticker [PDF: 85Kb, 1 page]
View a handy sticker with boating safety tips and give way rules.

Before you cross a bar – sticker [PDF: 33Kb, 1 page]
View a sticker with 10 important safety tips to follow before you cross a bar.

Coastal Voyage Form [PDF: 114Kb, 1 page]
A form for pleasure boats going on a coastal voyage.

Read Survive in cold water. Cold is one of the greatest threats to the lives of everyone on the water. When immersed in cold water, certain techniques can improve your chances of surviving long enough to be rescued.

Boating Safety Strategy: 2007 Review of the New Zealand Pleasure Boat Safety Strategy
View or download the full report, or an eight-page overview of the strategy.

Pleasure Boat Safety Advisory Group Final Report - 1999 [PDF: 3.05Mb, 227 pages]

PBSAG report recommendations - 1999 [PDF: 96.9Kb, 3 pages]


Radio Handbook for Coastal Vessels [PDF: 968Kb, 68 pages] A guide to maritime communications, ship and coastal radio stations, and VHF radio and SSB radio operation. The handbook also includes two useful stickers that summarise the key steps for making a radio distress call.

VHF Marine Channel Allocation – sticker [PDF: 103Kb, 1 page]

Radio distress calling – sticker [PDF: 102Kb, 1 page]

New Zealand's System of Buoys and Beacons [PDF: 648Kb, 28 pages]
A handbook explaining the system of buoyage and beaconage in New Zealand waters.

Safety bulletin - Issue 20: Dangerous use of mobile phones while a vessel is underway
Read online | Download [PDF: 40Kb, 2 pages]

Free splashproof cellphone bags – remember: “Keep it on you. Keep it dry.”

Safety guidelines for specific activities

Kayaking – Paddling to be seen [PDF: 68Kb, 2 pages]
A flyer with all you need to know about kayak visibility.

Waka Ama Safety Rules[PDF: 721Kb, 34 pages]

Kaupapa Waka: The Safety Report [PDF: 116Kb, 21 pages]
Safety guidelines written by Ngā Waka Federation in association with Maritime Safety Authority (now Maritime New Zealand).

Resources for schools

Keeping our waters, beaches and coastlines clean [PDF: 407Kb, 2 pages]

Boat safety essentials - hide and seek activity

Always wear a lifejacket and stay on top [PDF: 1.7Mb, 2 pages]

Being safe in boats [PDF: 842Kb, 2 pages]

It's all about knowing and spreading safety messages [PDF: 1Mb, 2 pages]

More publications

Go to our main publications page – for a full list of all our publications and forms.