Review of the Oil Pollution Levy 2015/16

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has released the proposals arising from its Oil Pollution Levy 2015/16 Review.

Invitation to comment

About this consultation:

The deadline for making comments on the proposal was on Friday 6 May 2016.

The consultation document makes proposals to amend the amount of the Levy collected, in order to as a minimum, maintain the current levels of regulatory, compliance, readiness and response services (as at 2015/16) in relation to marine oil spills with options for incremental levels of improved capability.

MNZ is seeking feedback on the proposed new oil pollution levy rates and how the levy is applied.

Interested parties are invited to make a submission on the proposal, with consultation closing on Friday 6 May 2016.

Download Invitation to comment[PDF: 1.07MB, 58 pages]

The Consultation Document sets out:

  • How the Levy is calculated: This review proposes to use a risk based methodology derived from the data in the Marine Oil Spill Risk Assessment 2015 (MOSRA 15) for determining the contribution of each sector. This is in line with the way the current Levy was apportioned.
  • Financial proposals: There are two proposed components of a new Levy: Baseline and Capability, with various options presented for the Capability component.
  • Other proposals: These are matters that Maritime NZ has been asked to consider in the course of conducting this review.

Several pieces of work have provided input into this review of the Levy. These include:

  • the Marine Oil Spill Risk Assessment (MOSRA) report 2015, which as noted above was applied to determining the contribution of each sector.
  • the Marine Oil Spill Readiness and Response Capability Plan which describes the capability review that was completed and options for capability maintenance and improvement including the nature and range of resources, capabilities and equipment required for readiness and response, and;
  • the Marine Oil Spill Response Strategy, which outlines New Zealand’s approach to readiness and response for marine oil spills.
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Please provide feedback before Friday 6 May 2016, 5.00pm.


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