Safer Boating Week 2017

Make Friday, October 13th your lucky day with Prep, Check, Know.

Celebrate Safety

Safer boating week starts this year with the famous, fun wharf jump at Queen's Wharf in Wellington and the Maritime Museum in Auckland. Go watch as boating safety proponents from the police, the coastguard, Maritime NZ, and more get soaking wet in the name of safety.

VHF Radio

Most of you are really good at wearing lifejackets. Did you know that over 60% of fatalities occur because the person wasn't wearing a lifejacket. Did you also know that 58% of fatalities failed to have adequate communications - a VHF radio and a beacon are what we consider the minimum.

This year we're starting the push for boaties to have a VHF radio.

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Prep, Check, Know

Safety on the water starts long before you even get in your boat and continues long after you're in it. Every year Milan and Nathan from Big Angry Fish make us funny, entertaining safety videos. These ones have had over 200,000 views.

Prep your boat

Service the engine, check and change the fuel, check the battery and just generally give the boat a good once over. Here's how Nathan and Milan do it.

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Check your gear

Make sure your lifejackets are still fit for purpose and you have enough, service any inflatable lifejackets and ensure you have two reliable forms of communication equipment. This funny video is serious stuff.

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Know the rules

Ensure you know the ‘rules of the road’ on the water, and check your local bylaws to make sure you understand what the requirements are in your area. The video may be silly, but the message is important.

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“Nobody’s faster than disaster”

The 2017-18 summer boating campaign will carry on the work we started last year with the theme, “Nobody’s faster than disaster”, and promote the safer boating code:

  • wear your lifejacket
  • take two waterproof ways to call for help
  • check the marine weather forecast
  • avoid alcohol
  • be a responsible skipper.

More will be revealed closer to the launch.

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Safe Boating Programme video

Coastguard Boating Education


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