Safer Boating Week 2016

Safer Boating Week on 14-21 October 2016 aims to focus boaties’ attention on key safety messages as they get their vessels and gear ready for the traditional start of the recreational boating season at Labour Day weekend.

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What’s on this year

The Safer Boating Forum has planning well under way. One of the exciting changes this year will be the involvement of the crew from the Big Angry Fish TV3 show.

Events planned so far include:

  • Start with a splash - Wellington wharf jump, October 14
  • Big Angry Fish Prep, Check Know videos
  • Publicity about changes to maritime radio VHF channels
  • Publishing a new handy Safer Boating Guide
  • Releasing research about boaties’ behaviour and attitudes to safety
  • Publicity about Forum members’ events
  • Media events.

If you want to get involved get in touch with us at 04 494 1236 and

Prep, Check, Know

The theme for the week continues to be “Prep, Check, Know”.

That is, prep your boat, check your gear, and know the rules before you go boating. The theme is an umbrella covering all the week’s activity. Different organisations and businesses will focus on different aspects of the theme that are relevant to them.

Our audiences

Our primary audience is men aged 30 to 60, who use recreational boats up to six metres long. Statistically, they are most at risk of boating accidents, and particularly at risk of fatal boating accidents.

We are also looking at how we reach their wives, families and friends. We know they can have big influence on encouraging and supporting the men in our target audience to do the right thing. Every “bloke” in that 30-60 year group is also a son, father, husband, brother, friend and a workmate.

An emerging audience is younger people aged 15 to 30 who are using kayaks, paddle craft, waka ama and stand up paddle boards. There are big increases in use of these craft, and that is starting to show in accident statistics. Importantly, whatever the age group, every accident can hurt not only the boatie involved but also their loved ones, friends and community – they are important “influencers”.

More to come

We will be providing more information about Safer Boating Week as plans develop.

If you have any questions or need further information, please email

Check out our Safer Boating NZ Facebook page and post your favourite on water activity.

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