Technical Co-operation Committee (TCC)

The Technical Co-operation Committee (TCC) is concerned with the implementation of technical co-operation projects for which the IMO acts as the executing or co-operating agency.

The TCC is also concerned with all other matters relating to the IMO’s activities in the technical co-operation field.

The Technical Co-operation Committee consists of all Member States of the IMO.

Next session of this committee

The next session is the 66th Session of the Technical Co-operation Committee (TCC 66).

Date: Monday 10 October - Friday 12 October 2016

Provisional agenda for TCC 66[PDF: 42Kb, 3 pages]

Previous session

At the end of each Technical Co-operation Committee (TCC) meeting, a final report is prepared for submission to the IMO Council.

The final report provides a record of the issues discussed and actions taken by the Committee.

The final report is currently unavailable.

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