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Are you motivated to be part of a forward-thinking, dynamic organisation? Do you have the skills, expertise and attributes we’re looking for?

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) seeks key people to help us initiate and lead safety outcomes within the maritime industry.

We are an evidence-based, intelligence-led and risk-focused regulatory, compliance and response organisation. Our work is guided by a clear operating model, sound information, analysis, and a comprehensive, systemic understanding of the issues involved.

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During the past year, we have progressed key strategic projects that will improve regulatory and compliance activity within the maritime sector. These include the Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) and SeaCert (Seafarer Certification) projects, and embedding the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Act.

This means we will be focusing more on operators’ safety systems (rather than just vessels) and on outcomes (safe, secure, clean seas). We’ve also completed a series of strategic and internal changes to organisational structures and processes that are vital to improving regulatory performance. The changes were driven by the need to be ready to implement the new MOSS and SeaCert regulatory frameworks. In order to bring these key strategic changes to industry, we require technical expertise to help us.

MNZ is an equal opportunities employer

We are committed to building a diverse and motivated workforce. We think MNZ is a great place to work and our staff are great people to work with.

Accredited employer status for overseas applicants

Because we’re an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand, we can recruit candidates from overseas quickly and easily. To see if you qualify and meet the requirements for a Talent Visa please visit Immigration New Zealand:

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