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Find out how we are funded to deliver our functions and services for the maritime sector.

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How we are funded

Our annual budget is $36 million. Our revenue comes from a combination of:

  • Crown funding
  • levies
  • direct fees and charges.

Crown funding

This for funding activities such as technical policy advice, ministerial services, rules development, international engagement, search and rescue and maritime security.

Crown funding is made up of:

  • General taxation
  • Fuel Excise Duty (including from recreational boating)
  • ACC, Health and Safety in Employment and other levies.


These are charged on shipping and the offshore sector - for safety infrastructure services, information and education, investigations, inspection of foreign ships, enforcement and oil pollution response preparedness.

Our main levies are the:

Maritime Levy

Oil Pollution Levy (OPL)

Direct fees and charges

These consist of direct service charges for issuing maritime documents such as seafarer licenses, ship registration, certificates, operator audits, inspections and exemptions from rules. These are a combination of fixed fees, hourly rates or reimbursement of expenses.

Current fees and charges

View all our fees and charges for providing services and activities in the maritime sector.

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Changes in our funding

In order to ensure its ongoing capability to work in the domestic and foreign maritime sectors is adequately funded, Maritime NZ has gone through a number of funding review programmes and consultations.

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Our accountability documents

As a Crown entity, Maritime New Zealand has a responsibility to report to parliament and the public on our performance.

For financial statements, summaries and forecasts see our latest Annual Report, Statement of Intent (SOI) and Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) documents.

View our annual reports

View our statements of intent

Chief Executive’s business expense, gifts and hospitality disclosure

MNZ publishes spreadsheets showing the Chief Executive’s expenses every six months.

The spreadsheets show the business expenses incurred by the Chief Executive as well as any gifts or hospitality over the value of $100.

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