The Maritime Levy

This levy is collected by Maritime New Zealand in accordance with the Maritime Levies Regulations 2016.

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Maritime Levy overview

The Maritime Levy (formally known as the Marine Safety Charge or the MSC) is levied on commercial maritime operators to meet the cost of some of Maritime New Zealand’s functions.

The Maritime Levy applies to all New Zealand commercial vessels and foreign commercial vessels visiting New Zealand and must be paid whether or not an operator uses or benefits from the functions and activities it funds.

Funding from the Maritime Levy will allow Maritime New Zealand to maintain important services that are critical to vessel safety and protection of the marine environment, including aids to navigation, the distress and safety radio network, improving safety education and awareness among vessel operators, assisted compliance, work required in managing the negotiation and maintenance of international agreements, and other services that benefit the maritime sector, such as investigation of maritime accidents and prosecutions.

In addition it can be used to fund any services provided, or any regulatory services or activities undertaken, by the Authority, the Director, the Maritime Appeal Authority, or the Crown in the performance or exercise of functions, duties, or powers under the Maritime Transport Act.

How the Maritime Levy is calculated

Different rates apply for different classes of vessel. These classes are:

  • foreign passenger
  • foreign non-passenger
  • New Zealand ships
  • commercial river rafts
  • New Zealand fishing ships
  • other New Zealand ships.

The various calculation basis are deadweight tonnage, passenger capacity, vessel length and gross tonnage.

The regulations specify the basis on which each sector must pay and whether it is an annual levy or payable per port visit.

The regulations also define each sector.

Current Maritime Levy rates

View the current Maritime Levy rates that apply to all New Zealand and Foreign vessels.

View Maritime Levy rates

Enabling regulation

Maritime Levies Regulations 2016[New Zealand Legislation]