Look for the Flag: Choose a safe operator to watch the America’s Cup

If you’re heading out on the water – look for the flag to choose a charter boat that meets all of Maritime NZ’s safety requirements.

We want you to have a safe time on the water watching the races.

What does the flag mean?

When you see a vessel flying the pink and yellow flag, it that means the operator:

  • can carry passengers
  • is in a safety system recognised by Maritime NZ – or holds the appropriate exemption
  • has plans in place in case of an emergency
  • has had their vessel inspected to ensure its seaworthiness
  • has the right safety equipment on board

Find out more about the America’s Cup courses on the official website.

Report operators breaking the rules

Maritime NZ will identify any unlawful operators during the America’s Cup. It is an offence to operate without the necessary maritime document or breach the maritime rules.

Need to report an operator or have query about their status? Contact our Auckland Maritime Officers via 0508 22 55 22 (toll free) or americascup@maritimenz.govt.nz.

Current operators

If you’re an operator that meets all the requirements and will be taking paying passengers to watch the Cup, you can request a flag. See this page for more details.

Operators that have a flag

Last updated: 28 January 2021

MNZ number Vessel name Operator name
136196 Te Maki Fullers Greatsights
128498 Te Papahu Fullers Greatsights
100382 Ocean Spirit Red Boats
100518 Reo Moana Red Boats
101061 Joy Mlkam
100259 Hog Wash Red Boats
136516 Oi By Sea
133737 Olympic Spirit Amada Marine
100795 William C Daldy WCD Preservation Society
100260 Kawau Isle Holger Behehrendsen
105931 Lion New Zealand NZ Sailing Trust
135191 Steinlager 2 NZ Sailing Trust
129346 Dolphin Seeker Fullers Greatsights
126820 Dolphin Explorer AKL whale and Dolphon Safari
135625 Kopiko Barefoot Sailing
120594 Pacific Mermaid Adventure Bay Motor Yachts
127038 Pacific Star Terra and Tide
136066 The Beast TB marine
134569 Horizon 2 Skycity Auckland Ltd
135004 Ata Rangi MV Libertas Limited
139976 Kiss Ready Now Holdings
135735 Princess Carol Ocean Dream Charters
127163 2XS Balmain Boating Services Limited
130446 Yonder  Star Yonder Star
126315 Double Rum Gulf Harbour Fishing and Charters Ltd
136677 Tyson On the Hunt Charters
132198 Second Sin Sunday Charters Ltd
131766 Olympic Dream Bravo Mike Maritime
101701 Barcarolle Stewart Menzies Boat Co
102009 Cygnet II Sea Genie Fishing Charters
136624 Warfish Chas'n Tail Charters Ltd
134982 Bonnie Celeste II Auckland Sea Shuttles
136106 Lacy Day Lacy Day Cruises
136752 Hooked Up Hooked Up Charters NZ Ltd
105730 Rasada Rasada Charters
101563 The Spirit Ocean Groove Cruises Ltd
121626 Columbia Columbia Limited
133441 Wasting Light Wasting Light Ltd
100139 Endless Summer Penelope Anne Whiting
134462 Seahawk Seahawk Charters 2020 Ltd
135739 Reel Action Ultimate Charters (SM Tours)
100276 Koru Ultimate Charters (SM Tours)
133368 Blue Water Ultimate Charters (SM Tours)
135334 Playtime Ultimate Charters (SM Tours)
136390 Nautilus Nautilus Fishing Ltd
134974 Eastern Knight NZ Legend Boating Academy Ltd
130983 Dream Rider Raw Charters Ltd
133349 Cruzar Warren Steven Brown
121562 Angie Anthony Howard Monk and David Clive Mead
133737 Olympic Spirit Amada Marine Limited
123373 Templar My Templar Limited
133865 Vivian Orchid Charters Limited
133497 Haparanda Haparanda
136457 Algeria Luxury Toys Ltd
125816 Pauacat Carnival Charters
134733 Bucket List Mark thompson
142542 Peretu Explore Group
105492 Discovery 1 Explore Group
142544 Ocean Explorer Explore Group
100107 Courageous Explore Group
100115 Defiance Explore Group
134855 Mattress Explore Group
134018 NZL 68 Explore Group
123598 Discovery IV Explore Group
133547 Activa Adventure Motoryachts
121924 Escape Cruise NZ Ltd
136728 F5 Cruise NZ Ltd
126784 Savoy Greg Owen
136024 Savoy X Greg Owen
136029 Shelby Greg Owen
132367 ANZFISH Parakai Geothermal Motel Ltd
134178 Big Fish Marina Travel  Limited
132481 Eagle Magic Eagle Charters
106104 Saracen John Richard Wells
130170 Kiwa II Kiwa II Cruising
130145 Audacious Audacious Inc Limited
104802 Zefiro Zefiro Charters Limited
129864 Pacific Eagle Pacific Eagle Charters
136601 Rua Moana Cruise New Zealand Limited
124441 Wairua Auckland Sea Shuttles
136451 Tawaki Luxury Cruises NZ
132594 Cool Change Cool Change Charters
134800 Kozmic 5 Kozmic Cruises Limited
134660 Billfish Seahawk Charters
105900 Ocean Eagle Ocean Eagle Charters
131544 French Connection Sailing Away School of Sailing
122421 Grace Fishing Waiheke
137817 Beast Phoenix Marine Limited
131734 Sea Sprite II Organic Solutions
100620 Spirit of NZ Spirit of Adventure Trust
135743 Fully Charged Boom Sailing
136435 Toanui NZ Offshore Services
120828 May Marie May Marie  Adventure ChartersOPN-1928
134381 Escape One Premium Marine Ltd
134737 Moki VI Adventure Fishing Charters
105850 Minerva II Raglan Fishing Charters
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