Operating commercially during the America’s Cup

Anyone wanting to operate commercially during the Cup will need to operate under MOSS – the Maritime Operator Safety System - or another recognised safety system, unless they apply for and hold an exemption from doing so.

MOSS recognises that operators know their operations best. It allows them to develop their own detailed safety arrangements within the framework provided.

The system makes it clear that an entire maritime operation, not just the vessel, needs to be assessed so that all the safety risks are identified and managed.

Read more about gaining entry to MOSS and the framework.

Current MOSS operators

If your MOSS plan states that your area of operation includes Auckland inshore limits and your activities include carrying passengers, you can continue operating within the limits of your Maritime Transport Operator Plan during the America’s Cup.

If you’re unsure if that applies to you, contact your local Maritime Officer.

If your current area of operation doesn’t include Auckland’s inshore limits and/or your activities don’t include carrying passengers, please contact us for advice on what you need to do.

Commercial vs recreational

Recreational vessels can only be used for recreational purposes. If you’re earning money or receiving any form of benefit from a third party from using your vessel, it’s likely to be commercial and you need to be in a safety system.

If you want to operate commercially during the Cup, as a starting point, contact Maritime NZ for advice. If MOSS isn’t the right fit for your situation, you may apply for an exemption.

If you think the above situation applies to you, please contact us for more details about how to comply.

Look for the flag! - identifying legitimate operators

During the America’s Cup, operators who are carrying fare paying passengers, and who meet all of Maritime NZ’s safety standards can ask for a flag they can use to show their status to customers. Please contact americascup@maritimenz.govt.nz if you’re going to be operating during the Cup and you want a flag.

Maritime NZ will be identifying any unlawful operators during the America’s Cup. It is an offence to operate without the necessary maritime document or breach the maritime rules.

Contact a maritime officer

Getting help

Contact a Maritime Officer for help with your operational and health and safety requirements.

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