The deadline for ring-fencing your old tickets has passed and you can no longer use them.
  • You can ring-fence most old and legacy tickets – with no charge from Maritime NZ – keeping them valid for life without the cost of moving into the new seafarer certification framework, SeaCert.
  • You can ring-fence all eligible old or legacy certificates you hold.
  • Even if a ticket has previously expired, you can revive the ticket by ring-fencing it.
  • After you’ve made your choices, Maritime NZ will send you a confirmation email.

Medical certificates

  • You’ll be able to continue using ring-fenced tickets to work, for life, but you need to have a medical certificate from any GP.
  • You’ll have two years from the date of issue of your Verification of Status card to get your first medical if you’re actively working.
  • If you want to start using your ring-fenced ticket more than two years after ring-fencing, you’ll need to get a medical certificate before you start work.
  • Medical certificates must be renewed every two years if you’re continuing to work. If you’re not working, you don’t need a medical certificate.

Transitioning after ring-fencing

If you have ring-fenced a ticket, you can also choose to transition to a new SeaCert ticket at any time in the future.

Ring-fencing after transitioning

If you have transitioned an eligible ticket before 30 September 2016, you can also choose to ring-fence the original legacy ticket. Please contact the team via phone or email for ring-fencing information.

Contact us for more help

If you have any questions about ringfencing, please contact our Personnel Certification team.


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