Transitioning into SeaCert

Find out about transitioning (moving) your old tickets into the new Seafarer Certification (SeaCert) system.

If you have one of the below certificates you need to transition it if you want to continue to use it. The date that you need to do this by depends on what certificate you have.

  • Mate Foreign Going
  • Class 2 Deck Officer
  • Second Class Engineer
  • Second Class Motor Engineer
  • Second Class Steam and Motor Engineer
  • Second Class Steam Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • First Class Engineer
  • First Class Motor Engineer
  • First Class Steam and Motor Engineer
  • First Class Steam Engineer
  • Second Mate Foreign Going (issued before 2007)
  • Master Foreign Going Class 1 Deck Officer
  • Mate of Deep Sea Fishing Boat
  • Master of a Deep Sea Fishing Boat
  • Marine Engineer Class 6 (MEC6)
  • NZOM with STCW-95 endorsement and with unit standards -
    Note – this certificate has its own transitioning guideline.

The guideline below gives further details on what you need to do to transition your certificate, and the date that you need to do this by.

Transitioning guideline[PDF: 241kB, 15 pages]

Transition from NZOM STCW-95 to Master <500GT

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