Accident, incident and mishap notification summaries

View a list of monthly summaries of notifications of any accidents, incidents and mishaps.

What’s in this summary

From April 2015 onwards, this website will post a summary of the notifications of accidents, incidents and mishaps that have been made to Maritime New Zealand in accordance with section 31 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and which have been recorded in our database in the previous month.

These summaries are provided for information purposes only, and are not intended to be, and should not be construed as, evidence of any determination by Maritime New Zealand as to accuracy, cause, or liability. For these reasons the information is not suitable for statistical or analytical purposes.

The summaries are not verbatim copies of the original notification. In constructing the summaries, consideration has been given to the reasons to withhold information provided in the Official Information Act. This may result in some information not being included.

If an accident, incident or mishap is notified to Maritime New Zealand more than once, it will only be reflected once in the report.

Summaries for January 2014 and earlier months were prepared on a slightly different basis.

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Other reports

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