Guidance for maritime sectors

On this page you will find links to information about HSWA that is more specific for people in particular part of the maritime sector, such as parasailing or fishing.

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Find out how to meet your health and safety responsibilities under HSWA in the fishing industry



For mariners 

Our publication ‘Health and safety: A guide for mariners’ has information about duties, rights and responsibilities under HSWA. It is relevant to all PCBUs who conduct their business or undertaking on board ships.

Health and Safety: A guide for mariners [PDF: 3.01Mb, 72 pages]

MOSS and HSWA are both related to health and safety. However, they are slightly different. For information about how they overlap, have a look at our guidance document ‘How MOSS and the Health and Safety at Work Act work together’.

How MOSS and the Health and Safety at Work Act work together [PDF: 87kB, 3 page]

For information about the HSWA duties of ship operators (PCBUs) and ship’s masters, check out our guidance ‘The roles of the ship operator and ship’s master’.

The roles of the ship operator and ship’s master [PDF: 86kB, 3 pages]

On board ships

Our publication ‘Working safely in confined spaces’ has information that is relevant for people working in confined spaces on board ships.

Working safely in confined spaces [PDF: 957kB, 21 pages]

When a New Zealand PCBU has workers doing work on a foreign-flagged vessel, they must provide a safe work environment. Read ‘Foreign-flagged vessels: Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) Guidance’ to find out more.

Foreign-flagged vessels - HSWA guidance [PDF: 195kB, 3 pages]

Recognised surveyors

Our guidance provides information about HSWA for recognised surveyors.

Recognised surveyors [PDF: 92kB, 3 pages]


Health and safety guidance for maritime operators of commercial parasailing businesses over water, to help them protect workers, parasailers/passengers, and other people.

Health and Safety guidelines for commercial parasailing operations [PDF: 842 kB, 21 pages]