Notification FAQs

You must submit an event, incident, or situation notification to Maritime New Zealand as soon as possible after it occurs.
Notification form - quick reference guide [PDF: 2.3Mb, 14 pages]


Q: Why should I notify?

We consider that all notifications relevant to our functions are important. They help to improve safety outcomes in the maritime sector and in port environments. Information from notifications also makes sure Maritime NZ holds up to date information allowing us to perform our regulatory functions.

There are also legal obligations for Masters and organisations, meaning some types of notifications are mandatory. These obligations are found in the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Legislation we administer


Q: What do I need to notify?

Event, Incident and Situation notifications are described below.

  • Events - Includes accidents and serious harm injuries and illnesses. Accidents are instances of damage to a vessel which may affect its seaworthiness, including groundings, collisions, machinery failures and steering loss. Serious harm injuries and illnesses may include death, amputation, burns, loss of consciousness, and injuries that would usually require a person to be admitted to a hospital for immediate treatment.
  • Incidents - occurrences, other than accidents, that are associated with the operation of a ship and affect, or could affect, the safety of operation.
  • Situations include anything that could, or has, the potential to cause serious harm to people, vessels, equipment, or the environment.

You can make a notification about an event, incident or situation by clicking here.

Other notification types are listed below. For more information on what these notification types cover, or to make one of these notifications, please click here.

  • Protected disclosures (Whistleblowing )
  • Notifiable particular hazardous work
  • General worker concerns
  • Requests to resolve cessation of work issues
  • Requests to resolve a workplace health and safety issue
  • Requests for an internal review of a reviewable decision
  • Request a review of a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN)
  • Other notifications not covered by any categories listed


Q: How do I notify?

The easiest and quickest way to notify us is to use our online notifications tool. It asks for all of the relevant information we need.

If you cannot access the tool you can email all of the details you believe are relevant to Please provide as much detail as possible in your email, including the geographical location of the event, incident or situation.


Q: Can I notify anonymously?

You will need to provide Maritime New Zealand with your name and a way to contact you (either an email address or a telephone number), as we may need to discuss what you have submitted in more detail. This is also how we will keep you informed about what actions (if any) we have taken regarding the event, incident or situation.

To find out more about protected disclosures (whistleblowing) click here.