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View all guidelines for commercial adventure activity operators who are not required to have a Safe Operational Plan.

Health and Safety at Work(Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016

The Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016 require adventure activity operators to obtain a recognised safety audit and to be registered with WorkSafe New Zealand.

A number of commercial vessels involved in adventure activities are not covered by the requirements of 4(1) of these regulations because, as commercial vessels, they are covered by a maritime document.

It is important to note that even if you have a maritime document for your vessel/operation there may be some aspects of your operation that are covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations and you should ensure that you are aware of, and comply with, any legal requirements that apply. Registration in itself does not mean that you have met your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Information about the requirements, and the activities covered by the regulations, is available on the WorkSafe NZ website.


MOSS-related activity guidelines

The following guidelines cover activities relating to your Maritime Transport Operator Certificate (MTOC). These guidelines need to be considered when developing your operator plan.

Safety guidelines: High-speed / thrill-ride vessel experiences

These guidelines are for operators of commercial high-speed and thrill-ride vessels operating at sea or on lakes where the vessel is exposing passengers or crew to gravitational forces in excess of 5 g at any stage of the ride. (They do not apply to jet boat operations regulated under Maritime Rule Part 82: Commercial Jet Boat Operations - River.)

The guidelines are intended to provide activity-specific information for operators of high-speed / thrill-ride vessel experiences and operate alongside MNZ’s health and safety guidance for work on board vessels, and where vessels are a place of work.

High-speed / thrill-ride vessel experiences [PDF: 338kB, 16 pages]

Safety guidelines: Vessels involved in swimming operations

These guidelines are intended to help commercial operators of vessels involved in swimming operations to develop and implement their safety systems and deliver their activities safely. They are intended to operate alongside MNZ’s health and safety guidance for work on board vessels, and where vessels are a place of work.

Vessels involved in swimming operations - December 2014 [PDF: 175kB, 16 pages]

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