MOSS fees and charges

Find current MOSS fees and charges, how they are applied and how you can pay them.

Current MOSS fees and charges

  • These fees are effective from 1 July 2016.
  • All charges are in New Zealand currency and include goods and services tax (GST).
Service provided Fixed fee Hourly rate $231
Hourly rate $303
[offsite visit]
MOSS operations
Maritime Transport Operator Certificate
[Applying for an MTOC]
Ongoing operational compliance
[Audits and/or inspections]
Operational updates
Change of full name of maritime transport operator $252
Charge per person for a change in person exercising privileges and responsibilities $422
Addition of primary port or harbour from which operation is conducted $342
Removal of primary port or harbour from which operation is conducted $116
Addition of category or activities $346
Removal of category or activities $173

Paying your fees and charges

There are several options available for making payments to Maritime NZ. Find out what option is best for you and make a payment.

How to pay

The cost of entering into MOSS

This table below gives estimations only of what operators could, on average, expect to pay to enter into MOSS.

Operation size Estimated time taken Estimated total cost
[includes fixed fee of $728]
Single vessel 4–11 hours $1,797–$3,668
Two vessels 5–13 hours $2,101–$4,181
10 vessels 9.5–21.5 hours $3,252–$6,401
50 vessels 31–63 hours $8,833–$17,451

The low end of these numbers indicates a compliant operator, with a simple operation, a comprehensive operator plan with which the operator can demonstrate familiarity, and a straightforward site visit requiring no follow-up work by Maritime NZ.

The high end indicates likely costs for a complex operation, with an operator plan not understood or demonstrated well by the operator. The plan may require re-working, and on the site visit, the operator may not be familiar with their procedures as outlined in their plan.

Fees and charges

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