Masters of foreign ships

Information to assist Masters of ships visiting New Zealand in preparing their voyage plan as required by SOLAS V Regulation 34.

COVID-19 Maritime Border Entry Restrictions

  1. The New Zealand Government for the purpose of preventing and limiting the risk of an outbreak, or the spread, of COVID-19 is

    a). restricting which ships may arrive in New Zealand; and

    b). putting in place isolation or quarantine requirements for people who arrive in New Zealand by sea.

  2. Vessels are not permitted entry to New Zealand unless exempted by the order. A cargo ship that is arriving in New Zealand for the purpose of loading or unloading cargo is an example of one such exemption.

  3. The right of innocent passage through the territorial sea, and transit passage through straits used for international navigation is unaffected.

  4. The current restrictions are detailed in the “COVID-19 Public Health Response (Maritime Border) Order 2020” which is available at:
  5. These maritime border restrictions remain in force until further notice and may be amended or updated at short notice. It is therefore advisable to access the latest information, which includes advice on when and how to apply for exemptions, on the Ministry of Health’s website here:


Many ports in New Zealand offer standard pilotage plans which Masters may incorporate into their voyage plans. In offering links to these pilotage plans Maritime NZ does not endorse them but reminds Masters of their overarching responsibility for the safe navigation of their vessels which may necessitate adjusting specific plans. Maritime NZ emphasises the importance of an effective Master:Pilot exchange of information, and that the Master and Pilot MUST discuss any deviation or interpretation to the standard pilotage plans.


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