Endorsements for national certificates

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The following endorsements are issued for national certificates listed under Subpart B of Maritime Rule 32:

  • Passenger endorsement
  • SRL Cook Strait endorsement
  • SRL endorsed to 24m
  • SRL endorsed for 500GT
  • SRL endorsed for 500–3000GT
  • Specified activity endorsement
  • Square-rig sailing
  • High-speed ship

Some endorsements last for the duration of the certificate they are attached to, while others have their own expiry date and must be separately renewed as indicated in the guideline.


For each endorsement, the requirements and how to prove that you meet them, are explained in the full guideline below.

Endorsements for national certificates[PDF: 213kB, 21 pages] Required knowledge for Cook Strait endorsement[PDF: 303Kb, 6 pages]


The application fee for this certificate is $368, which includes goods and services tax (GST)

Application process

This is the application process for this certificate of competency.

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