Applying for an exemption

Find out how vessel owners, operators and surveyors can apply for exemptions from complying with a maritime or marine protection rule or other operational requirements under certain special circumstances.

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An exemption is the legal permission to not comply with a particular piece of New Zealand law.

It is important to understand that Maritime NZ can only grant an exemption if the application meets specific criteria.

How to apply

Vessel owners and operators should always contact their surveyor or local Maritime Officer to get advice about what they need to do before applying for an exemption.

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Rule exemptions

Find out the specific criteria and how you can apply for an exemption from a maritime or marine protection rule(s).

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Chartering superyachts in NZ waters

If your superyacht is being used in New Zealand waters for charter services, it may need exemptions from Maritime Rules Part 19 and Marine Protection Rules Part 190.

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Exemption processing times

Please note it can take up to 20 working days for an exemption application to be processed provided that we have received all the information we require in order to make a full assessment of your application.

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Contact a maritime officer

Getting help

Contact a Maritime Officer for help with your operational and health and safety requirements.

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If you need further information about exemptions, please contact our Exemptions Officer.