Safety case

A safety case applies to the operation of novel craft. Its purpose is to ensure an acceptable level of safety is met for anyone involved in the operation and that steps are taken to protect the marine environment.


A safety case applies to novel craft that operate on the New Zealand coast and/or internal waters of New Zealand.

Novel crafts include, but are not limited to the following:

  • waka
  • powered canoe or kayak
  • powered surf board
  • personal water craft (includes jet skis)
  • amphibious craft
  • submersibles
  • reconfigurable barges

The requirements of a safety case are outlined in Maritime Rules Part 40G.

Get approval for a safety case

To apply for a safety case, you must complete and send the following to Maritime New Zealand:

  • a safety case plan providing an overview of your operation and its safety, such as:
    • the nature of your operation
    • its vessels
    • its crew
    • its safety systems (safety procedures)
    • its ongoing maintenance
  • the safety case application form and
  • the fit and proper person form

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