Appoint or change a representative person

The appointment of a representative person applies to ships in Part A of the Register of Ships. A representative must be appointed where the owner does not reside in New Zealand or the owner does not have a registered office in New Zealand.

About appointing or changing a representative person

A representative person must be a New Zealand resident. The representative person appointed by the ships’ owner may:

  • give Maritime New Zealand’s Registrar of Ships any document or other information that the owner would be required to produce to the registrar
  • receive any documents that need to be passed on to the owner, relating to proceedings for any offence.

A ship owner must notify the Registrar of Ships that they have appointed a representative person, and provide:

  • the name and address of the representative person – when they apply for the ship to be registered
  • any change in the identity, or address, of the representative person. They need to do this within 14 days after any such change occurs.
  • a completed Appointment/change of Representative Person (form SR1)
  • a fee of NZ$245
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