Consultation and development

We engage with the community and general public on a range of maritime matters through consultations and engagement.

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Closed consultations

How to have your say

The details of how to make a submission and other opportunities to engage (eg by coming to a public meeting) are included in our consultation documents.

For each consultation we include:

  • the submission deadline
  • where to send your feedback
  • who to address your feedback to
  • who to contact for help
  • our process for considering submissions and the timing of this.

In general, any individual, group or organisation can provide feedback on our public consultations. Your submissions must be in writing and sent to us by email, post, courier or fax.

We need to receive your feedback before the deadline, for it to be included. After we get your submission, we will let you know within three business days that we have received it.

You need to include whether your submission comes from you as an individual, or if you are representing a company or other organisation. Remember to name the company or organisation you represent and include your contact details.

Your opinion is important to us, so please make sure that your views are clearly explained, you are as brief as possible and that your writing is easy to read – if hand written.

How we use your feedback

How we use your feedback depends on what we are consulting on. Refer to the consultation documents for these details.

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