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Before you head out to fish, make sure you cover the basics

Fishing from small vessels is by far the most popular pastime for boaties in New Zealand.

Know your responsibilities

Every type of boat must have a skipper.

A skipper is legally responsible for ensuring safety and following the rules.

A skipper is legally responsible for:

the safety of the boat

all the people who are on board

All responsibilities

Keeping safe when you’re on the move

Stow your gear – loose fishing gear can be dangerous.

Keep your decks clean – a clean deck and transom area will prevent your bilge pumps and drain holes from blocking up. A build-up of water on the deck can cause you to capsize.

Keep clear of cable protection zones – anchoring and fishing is not permitted in these zones. Heavy fines can be imposed if you are found anchoring or fishing in these areas.

Getting started with this activity

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Maritime NZ encourages recreational boaties to use apps built for maritime use.

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Be sure to do a final check before you go boating.

Final checks before you head out

Learn about the tasks you need to do just before you hit the water.
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