General exemptions

General exemptions from the requirements under specific maritime rules that have been granted by Maritime NZ.

Current exemptions

Guidelines for general exemption from battery
power for parts 40A, 40C, 40D and 40E:
- GE-01-21, GE-02-21, GE-03-21, GE-04-21[PDF: 174kB, 3 pages]

GE-04-21 - Exemption from the requirements in 40E.52(1)[PDF: 200kB, 3 pages] GE-03-21 - Exemption from the requirements in 40D.68(1)[PDF: 155kB, 3 pages] GE-02-21 - Exemption from the requirements in 40C.53(1) and 40C.53(7)[PDF: 238kB, 3 pages] GE-01-21 - Exemption from the requirements in 40A.57(1) and 40A.57(7)[PDF: 199kB, 3 pages] GE-20-20 - Exemption from 40D.68 Appendix 3.3, 43.15 Narrow-band direct printing[PDF: 148kB, 2 pages] GE-15-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 53.4(2)(A)[PDF: 183kB, 1 page] GE-13-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 40A.60, 40C.56, 40D.73 and 40E.57[PDF: 328kB, 2 pages] GE-12-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 32.12(1)(C)(i) and 32.12(1)(C)(ii)[PDF: 516kB, 1 page] 205-EX-19 - General exemption from 40F.9(3) (light crafts)[PDF: 688kB, 1 page] 190-EX-19 - General exemption from 40D.83 (periodic audit every 2 years for fishing ships less than 6m) 20191021[PDF: 727kB, 1 page] 189-EX-19 - General exemption from 40A.64 (periodic audit every 2 years on diving ships less than 6m)[PDF: 669kB, 1 page] 163-EX-18 NZ medical practitioners (Ring-fenced certificates)[PDF: 591kB, 1 page] GE-02-17 Means of launching the rescue boat on ships operating up to Restricted Coastal Limits[PDF: 1.18Mb, 2 pages] GE-04-17 Existing ships not having self-closing doors to machinery space (Category A)[PDF: 1.24Mb, 2 pages] GE-06-17 Egress width requirements for passenger accommodation[PDF: 1.19Mb, 2 pages] GE-07-17 Breathing apparatus sets[PDF: 1.04Mb, 2 pages] GE-08-17 Cargo and vehicle lifts or vehicle ramps not being examined by a Competent Person every 6 months[PDF: 1.29Mb, 2 pages] GE-09-17 Anchors (certificates) fitted on existing boats from Australia[PDF: 1.38Mb, 2 pages] GE-10-17 Portlights below the weather deck on a sailing ship[PDF: 1.23Mb, 2 pages] GE-12-17 Angle of maximum GZ for fishing ships not undertaking trawling, long-lining, towing or dredging[PDF: 1.16Mb, 2 pages] GE-13-17 Lifting appliance <300kg[PDF: 1.26Mb, 2 pages] GE-15-17 Using non-metallic bilge piping for ships <24 metres[PDF: 1.48Mb, 2 pages] GE-16-17 Using non-metallic pipework for seawater intake and discharge[PDF: 1.34Mb, 2 pages]

About the rules

Maritime and marine protection rules contain detailed technical standards and procedures and form part of New Zealand’s maritime law.

Rules overview