Invitation to Comment: STCW-F

About this consultation:

Maritime New Zealand consulted, via its website, with the public on drafts of the proposed amendments to the maritime rules in accordance with the Act, including the expected costs and benefits. A notice regarding this consultation was placed in the New Zealand Gazette on 6 October 2016 and the consultation material was made available on the Maritime NZ website from 10 October 2016.

The deadline for making a submission was 7 November 2016.

The historical consultation document is available below:

Download Invitation to comment STCW-F[PDF: 535kB, 19 pages]

Summary of Submissions

Submissions were received from three parties: Terra Moana Limited (on behalf of Moana New Zealand), the Solander Group, and Pacific Networks Limited. All of the submissions expressed support for the rule amendments. Two submissions raised matters beyond the scope of the consultation:

  • Terra Moana Limited suggested that mandatory fisher training programmes should be designed to improve awareness about the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries in order to create a more efficient fishing industry, and to minimise harm to marine ecosystems. As these matters relate to the responsibilities of the Ministry for Primary Industries, this suggestion will be referred to that Ministry, for consideration.
  • The Solander Group suggested that, as part of the international review of STCW-F, Maritime New Zealand should present a case to the International Maritime Organisation for a formal STCW and STCW-F certification ‘cross over’ framework. Maritime New Zealand will take this view into consideration during its engagements in the international review. The Solander Group also asked two questions relating to the transferability of, and requirements associated with STCW-F certificates. These questions are unrelated to the rule amendments and do not raise any significant issues.

Next steps

The then Associate Minister of Transport, Hon David Bennett, signed the rule amendments, as proposed in the original rule amendment consultation document, without alteration, on 3 April 2017. STCW-F will enter into force 3 months after New Zealand deposits its instrument of accession with the International Maritime Organisation for the Convention.

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