Maritime NZ consultation on Maritime Levy and fees

Consultation on proposed changes to the Maritime Levy and fees regime closed on 18 January 2019. This was referred to as the Funding Review.

Revised Maritime Levy rates and fees took effect from 1 July 2019.

The Maritime Levy funds the maritime regulatory system and fees are charged for specific services provided to operators and seafarers. The changes ensure that appropriate funding is in place for the next six years.


Key changes

The following changes to the Maritime Levy and fees come into effect on 1 July 2019:

  • a revised allocation methodology for the Maritime Levy
  • a single reduced fee of $368 for seafarer certificates and endorsements
  • not charging fees for routine audits and inspections but recovering the cost of these through the Maritime Levy
  • a single hourly rate of $245 for all activities that are charged on actual time taken (and the basis for fixed fees)
  • a reduction in most ship registration fees.

Fees and Levy changes

Changes to fees and the levy come into effect on 1 July. Click on the link below for more information on how these will affect you.

Fees list

Changes for seafarers

Changes for owners or operators of commercial vessels

Changes for other service providers


Consultation documents

Funding Review consultation document 2018 [PDF: 2.13MB, 77 pages] Funding Review Summary of submissions - 2019 [PDF: 51kB, 51 pages] Funding Review Recommendations Cabinet paper - 2019 [PDF: 8.45MB, 46 pages]


Related information

Maritime Levy Allocation Recommendations – Castalia Report

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Amended Regulations 2019

Maritime Levies Amendment Regulations 2019 []

Transport regulatory system: Funding principles September 2018

This paper outlines a set of principles to guide funding reviews and advice on the appropriate funding sources for regulatory activities carried out within the transport regulatory system.

Transport regulatory system: Funding principles September 2018 [PDF: 129kB, 10 pages]

Original consultation infographic

Original consultation infographic [PDF: 135kB, 1 page]