Public consultation on the proposed Marine Protection Rule Part 199: Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships (the proposed rules) closed on 4 August 2021.

Since this consultation in 2021, new Marine Protection Rules Part 199: Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships have been finalised. You can learn more about the MARPOL Annex VI requirements and access the full text of the new rules:



MARPOL is the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convention for the prevention of pollution from ships. Annex VI of MARPOL seeks to address the impact of air pollution from shipping activities on human health and environments in and around port communities, and the impacts of emissions from shipping activities on climate change and ozone layer depletion. The proposed rules set out Maritime New Zealand’s proposals on how the MARPOL Annex VI requirements can be implemented in New Zealand.


Consultation documents

The Invitation to Comment provides explanatory material on the policy design, likely application and anticipated impacts of the proposed rules. It also details proposals for how to apply the Annex VI requirements in New Zealand. The Invitation to Comment also explains the proposed offences and penalties for non-compliance with the proposed rules which will be included in the Maritime Transport (Offences) Regulations 1998.

Download the invitation to comment document [PDF: 1.79MB, 45 pages]

The proposed rules detail the exact requirements, based on the Annex VI requirements and the proposals detailed in the Invitation to Comment document.

Appendix 1: Proposed rules [PDF: 1.56MB, 93 pages]

See Appendix 2 for the full text of the offences and penalties which will be included in the Maritime Transport (Offences) Regulations 1998.

Appendix 2: Offences and penalties [PDF: 628 kB, 10 pages]



Following public consultation in 2019, Cabinet agreed that New Zealand will accede to Annex VI. By signing up to Annex VI, New Zealand commits to implementing a range of obligations that will contribute to international action to reduce air pollution from shipping.

The proposed rules will apply to New Zealand-flagged ships and foreign-flagged ships that visit New Zealand. It is a detailed and multifaceted set of rules and it is important all ship operators and ports are aware of what they will need to do to comply.

Maritime NZ will be the agency responsible for monitoring and enforcing the Annex VI requirements for ships. Maritime NZ’s desired outcome is that ship operators contribute to a reduction in a range of airborne pollutants from ships by demonstrating timely compliance with Annex VI requirements.

IMO periodically amends Annex VI. New requirements will be added to Annex VI shortly. These additional requirements have already been included in the proposed rules, given New Zealand will need to implement them at the same time as it implements the current Annex VI requirements.

Maritime NZ worked on the principle that Annex VI requirements should apply to all New Zealand-flagged ships in the same way as much as possible. However, the Invitation to Comment includes Maritime NZ’s proposals to tailor some requirements for domestic travelling ships to suit New Zealand’s context. The proposed rules detail how both the Annex VI requirements and the proposals detailed in the Invitation to Comment document would be applied in New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions [PDF: 523kB, 4 pages]