Maritime Rules Part 40

MNZ invited comments on Maritime Rules Part 40 Series Rule Amendments (2017).

About this consultation:

Maritime New Zealand sought views on six proposed amendments to the 40 series of rules.

These rules require that the design, construction, and equipment of ships is approved by a recognised surveyor, who is satisfied that the ship complies with all applicable maritime and marine protection rules and is fit for its intended service and operating limits. This set of proposed 40 series rule amendments covered six separate issues, with the issue specific aims to either improve safety outcomes, or remove outdated and conflicting requirements or in some cases reduce the cost of compliance.

The amendments were specific to:

  • Maritime Rules Part 40A: Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS Ships
  • Maritime Rules Part 40C: Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS
  • Maritime Rules Part 40D: Design, Construction and Equipment – Fishing Ships
  • Maritime Rules Part 40E: Design, Construction and Equipment – Sailing Ships
  • Maritime Rules Part 43: Radio

Download Invitation to comment[PDF: 535kB, 19 pages]

The deadline for giving feedback was 5.00pm Sunday 11 June 2017.

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