Proposed changes to Maritime and Marine Protection Rules (Domestic Omnibus 2023)

The Ministry of Transport and Maritime NZ sought input on proposed changes to the Maritime Rules and Marine Protection Rules.

This consultation is now closed, and all submissions have been recorded and analysed. Submitters will be updated on the progress of these changes if they have requested to receive updates.


This consultation contains a number of proposed amendments under a number of Maritime and Marine Protection rule Parts. This package of work (called the ‘domestic omnibus 2023’) will help ensure that these rules are fit for purpose and work as they are intended.

Four rule parts were consulted on, these are summarised in the table below:

  Changes relate to… What is being proposed? Who do the proposals largely apply to?
1 Maritime Transport Operator Certificate (MTOC) renewals. - Maritime Rules Part 19 Adding provisions focused on renewing an existing MTOC as Part 19 does not currently set out requirements for MTOC renewals All operators seeking to renew an MTOC
2 Marine Engineer Class (MEC) 4 and 5 certificate renewals. - Maritime Rules Part 32 Fishing privileges are being clarified for MEC 4 and 5 engineers working on fishing vessels that don’t need to meet STCW-F requirements Marine engineers working on fishing vessels seeking to renew their MEC 4 or 5 certificate
3 Portable foam-based fire extinguisher performance standards - Maritime Rules Part 42B, Maritime Rules Part 40A Updating standards for foam-based portable fire extinguishers on board ships and houseboats to align with upcoming changes introduced by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Operators of ships 12 metres or longer, and owners of house boats up to 20 metres long, that carry portable foam based fire extinguishers
4 MARPOL Annex VI (air pollution from ships), and surveyor recognition. - Marine Protection Rules Part 199 Clarifying surveyor recognition for issuing an Annex VI endorsement

Simplifying how the Annex VI endorsement is being referenced on a Certificate of Survey

Clarifying the compliance date for Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) engine requirements for existing New Zealand ships that hold international certificates

Operators of ships subject to relevant MARPOL Annex VI requirements

Consultation document

The Invitation to Comment document provided background and insights into the proposed changes. 

Invitation to Comment [PDF: 1.27Mb, 77 pages]



The consultation period is now closed and no further submissions can be accepted. If you have any questions about this submission you can contact Maritime New Zealand.

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