Maritime response Farewell Spit update 8

15 May 2023

Shiling remains safely anchored at Tasman Bay with the Skandi Emerald on site to provide assistance.

Timings for moving the vessel are still to be confirmed. According to the forecast, the next potential weather window for relocation is on Friday. Payment for moving the vessel is managed by the Shiling’s owners and their insurers.

Incident Controller, Andrew Saunderson, says that Maritime NZ needs to be satisfied that the move can be done safely.

Centreport and the Wellington Harbourmaster continue to look into plans and preparations for the vessel’s arrival. Centreport has previously handled a vessel that has lost power and is working to minimise any disruption to the port or other craft in the vicinity.

Maritime NZ is continuing its monitoring and oversight role and is in regular contact with all the involved parties.

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