Maritime response Shiling update 9

16 May 2023

Preparations continue for towing the Shiling to Wellington, dependant on favourable weather conditions.

Incident Controller, Andrew Saunderson, says a suitable weather window is required to enable the tow’s safe completion.

"Safety remains the top priority, and Maritime NZ is working with all parties before proceeding with the tow."

No activities are scheduled for today, and the ship will remain at anchor with the Skandi Emerald nearby providing support.

The ship’s owner has told Maritime NZ that they believe the fault they have identified can be rectified in New Zealand.

On Wednesday, equipment and crew members with expertise in towage will be transferred to the Shiling for the operation to tow the ship to Wellington. It will take time to set up the tow equipment and then wait for the right weather window.

Centreport will draw upon their experience in handling ships without main-engines and are working with the ship’s owner and agent.

Maritime NZ is actively engaged in discussions with the relevant stakeholders, including the Wellington Harbourmaster and the ship’s owners, to ensure a safe, coordinated approach.

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