Update on Pacific search and rescue operation (1)

17 February 2005, 3:00pm

An extensive search and rescue operation by Rescue Centre Coordination New Zealand is continuing in the Pacific Ocean.

Latest details include:

  • An RNZAF Orion has located one of the fishing vessels reported missing last night. All on board are safe although three have been injured. The nature of their injuries is unknown at this stage.
  • A new search has begun about 340kms east of American Samoa for an American-registered fishing vessel. A US Coastguard Hercules is joining the search for this vessel.

  • The RNZAF Orion is continuing searching in an area north of Samoa for two vessels known to be in distress, a life raft containing six people who abandoned their fishing vessel last night, and any other vessels which may be in difficulty.

  • The bad weather in the area is easing, making the search and rescue effort easier.

  • The Orion will continue searching until about 6.30pm, at which time it will land in Samoa to refuel.

  • There are about 10 other vessels in the area in contact with RCCNZ and who may assist if required.

A further update will be sent once further information comes to hand.

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