Another fishing vessel found, six people safe

18 February 2005, 4:30pm

The fishing vessel reported missing last night has been found by the US Coastguard Hercules. All six people on board are safe.

Samoan Boy was caught in the path of Cyclone Olaf about two days ago.

Rescue Coordination Centre Mission Cooindinator John Dickson says this is tremendous news to top off an extensive two days of search and rescue of vessels in the area, and it brings the number of people rescued to 23.

“You can only imagine the relief for the people on board Samoan Boy to have the Hercules find them after two days in the water.

“Waves had pounded the wheelhouse during the storm and windows were broken. The vessel has been dead in the water and the crew had been unable to communicate with anyone.

“The Hercules found her at about 3.45pm, about 168 kms northeast of American Samoa. We’re now contacting the nearest vessel in the area to assist with towing her to safety,” he said.

The last contact with the vessel was made nearly two days ago, at which time the crew reported they were in the path of Cyclone Olaf.

The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand began coordinating the search for the vessel this morning, after it was contacted by the vessel’s owner that the vessel was unaccounted for. RCCNZ asked for an American Hercules in the area to carry out the search.

Meanwhile, the NZ Airforce Orion is continuing to search an area also northeast of Samoa for two people who are still missing from a fishing vessel that sunk almost two days ago.

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