Iron Maiden report released

23 May 2005, 1:10pm

The Maritime Safety Authority (MSA) today released its investigation report into an accident that claimed two lives off the Northland coast in August 2004.

These include:

  • The failure of the vessel’s owner and of its Safe Ship Management Company to do everything possible to provide a safe working environment on the vessel.
  • The crew not having enough time to familiarise themselves with the vessel before attempting the trip.
  • The stability of the vessel.
  • The rough weather conditions, in particular the gale force winds and the four-metre swells.
  • The skipper’s decision not to seek shelter once faced with these conditions after rounding Cape Maria van Diemen.
  • The vessel’s liferaft being in a position that made it difficult to access in an emergency situation.

Director of Maritime Safety Russell Kilvington says, “This tragedy shows what a dangerous environment the maritime one can be.

“It also underlines how important it is for operators, owners and the sector as a whole to do everything possible to lessen the risks and for the MSA to support them to do this.

“We will make sure the report’s lessons are learned and that they help try and prevent this type of tragedy happening again.” 

The report found that rather than a single main cause, a number of factors contributed to the events that led to the loss of the Iron Maiden.

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