Janette Gay - 7:30am Update

11 October 2005

An Orion is leaving Whenuapai at 8am this morning, to go to the aid of two Christchurch crew on board the stricken yacht Janette Gay.

The Orion is expected to arrive in the area at about 10:30am. 

The latest weather forecast looks promising for the pair, Bruce Cox and Heloise Koretekaas, with the wind speed dropping to 15 knots, and the sea swell to 3.5 metres. However, the actual weather conditions will not be known until the Orion arrives in the area.

Rescue Coordination Centre NZ mission controller Geoff Lunt says any improvement in the weather conditions will make the couple’s long wait until the vessel Southern Tiare arrives much more pleasant.

“The Orion will drop a life raft to the pair, containing further medical and emergency supplies. We’ve also asked the Orion’s crew to send a cheerful message to family and friends.

“Overnight we’ve been monitoring the couple’s distress beacon, which at this stage is their only means of communication.

“The Southern Tiare is expected to rendezvous with the Janette Gay early tomorrow afternoon, to rescue the crew,” he said.

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