Lowest fatality rate ever

17 January 2007

The 16 ship-related fatalities recorded in 2006 by Maritime New Zealand contained the lowest recreational boating toll on record.

“Obviously we are very happy to see any decrease in the number of fatalities we deal with but any death is one too many and we’ll continue our work to push the totals even lower.

“We’ve put a lot of emphasis on educating and informing both sectors and working with them to prevent accidents happening, so we think our safety messages are finally getting through.

“The three main pushes of the National Recreational Boating Safety Strategy have been around wearing lifejackets, checking the weather and carrying proper communications gear. I think people have heard these messages and realise that by talking some fairly simple actions they can help save their own lives as well as those of their family and friends.”

There were nine deaths in the commercial sector and seven in the recreational sector.

Director of Maritime NZ Catherine Taylor says, “It is extremely satisfying to see such a significant reduction in the toll and it is a credit to my staff and all the other organisations who have worked so hard with us to promote safety in the maritime community.

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