Search to resume for kayaker

12 February 2007, 9:30am

Rescue Coordination Centre NZ (RCCNZ) will continue searching this morning for missing trans-Tasman kayaker Andrew McAuley.

“We are resuming the search at around 10.30 this morning (NZT). This will involve two fixed wing aircraft searching a further area of 1,400 square nautical miles,” said RCCNZ Mission Controller Dave Wilson.

 “We expect this to take most of the day. If Andrew is not found during the course of the day it is our intention to suspend the search”, said Mr Wilson.

An extensive search covering over 6,000 square nautical miles, involving both aircraft and vessels, has been underway since late Friday night (NZT). Mr McAuley’s upturned and empty kayak was found at around 8.00 pm on Saturday.

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