Helicopter Rescue In South Island

16 June 2007

Two people have been rescued from a helicopter which crashed on Braemar Station on the Eastern side of Lake Pukaki in the South Island this morning.

Rescue Coordination Centre of NZ mission coordinator Chris Bayliss said that both people had been taken to Timaru Hospital, one with a back injury. “The helicopter’s distress beacon was detected by the RCCNZ at 10.15am this morning and a rescue helicopter was despatched to the area from Glentanner Station near Mt Cook”, said Ms Bayliss. 

“The rescue helicopter was assisted by a fixed wing aircraft, which was able to locate crashed helicopter and direct the rescue helicopter to the site.

“The helicopter was found at 6,000 feet above Lake Pukaki and the crew taken immediately to Timaru”, said Ms Bayliss.

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