Vessel heading for port

2 November 2007, 5:45pm

The container ship MSC Edith has now restored engine power and is making its way to Port Chalmers.

The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand and Maritime New Zealand have been closely monitoring the 216 metre long container ship since it reported losing engine and electrical power off the Southland coast about 9.50am today.

The ship had spent the afternoon anchored about 2 nautical miles (3.6km) south of The Sisters, east of the town of Waikawa, while repairs were carried out. Twenty-five crew are on board.

The ship is expected to arrive in Port Chalmers late tonight. A Maritime Safety Inspector from Maritime New Zealand will visit the ship in port tomorrow to determine the cause of the power loss.

A tug from South Port which had been sent to assist the vessel has now been stood down and is returning to port.

Weather in the area currently is good, with a light swell and light winds.

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