RCCNZ coordinates medivac for injured crewman

21 August 2008, 3:45pm

The Rescue Coordination Centre NZ (RCCNZ) is responding to an emergency call regarding an injured crewman on a Japanese fishing trawler hundreds of miles off the coast of Dunedin.

RCCNZ received the call about the trawler at 11.15am Thursday 21 August. The trawler was then 385 nautical miles (700km) south east off the coast of Dunedin.

A 25-year-old male crewmember, from Kiribati, had his fingers crushed in an accident onboard the vessel about 11am.

As the vessel was outside the range of emergency aircraft, RCCNZ has organised a pick-up point closer to shore, and the trawler is now making its way to the designated area.

Two helicopters, one to airlift the injured crewman and one to act as cover, will meet the trawler at a point 100 nautical miles from shore.

The evacuation is expected to take place approximately 10am tomorrow (Friday 22 August).

Medical assistance from a doctor located in Wellington has been given to crew on the trawler by way of a telephone conference.

The injured crewman is reported to be in a stable and comfortable condition.

The response is being coordinated with the assistance of Helicopters Otago and Southern Lakes Helicopters.

Please note there will be no further updates until tomorrow morning.

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